What Makes A Great Logo? Part 2
December 9, 2018
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What Makes A Great Logo? Part 3
February 11, 2019
Part 3 is the conclusion to our "what makes a great logo" series.
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What Makes A Great Logo?
November 9, 2018
What makes for a great logo? That question was posed by Steve Jobs back in 1985 when he was ousted from Apple computers. Read Article...
WordPress or Hand-Coded sites, which is the best for you?
October 23, 2018
At Seer, we produce hand-made websites using the three fundamental technologies of the web: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
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"I love what you do!"

-Jessica from Eye Candy Salon

"The new logo you designed for our page looks awesome!"

-Joseph from Qix International

"Very professional."

-Amanda from Silver State Coffee Co.

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