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When it comes to creating extraordinary design and devising solutions for our clients, we believe it’s important to try new approaches and not get stuck in one box. Sleek branding that borrows from innovative trends while tapping the roots of ageless design is our mantra.

We understand how essential it is to transform ideas into experiences that stand the test of time, and believe that truly great work never goes obsolete. We’re digital prophets who challenge the perceptions of your customers by getting them interested in your message.

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Edward J.E. Koch

Founder and Lead Developer

Communication has played a defining role in shaping Edward’s life. As a child he lived in Europe, America, and South America and attained fluency in multiple languages. When he got his first computer he became intrigued by web development. He noticed there were similarities between learning how to program and different types of speech, and realized that all expression is a form of code.

After diversifying his education by getting a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and philosophy, he started wondering how he could use technology to bridge his interests and improve how people can better advertise their businesses. His answer was to form Seer Web Solutions, a company that speaks the language of marketing, design and code.

Amanda Palmer

Founder and Lead Designer

Creativity is in Amanda’s DNA. Her great grandfather worked as an illustrator for Walt Disney Studios, and since she was old enough to pick up a crayon she’s been drawing and painting.

Along the way of earning a degree in art history and anthropology she discovered that her love of fine art translated into a knack for design. For more than ten years Amanda has refined her skills to bring you nothing but the best in memorable graphics.


"I love what you do!"

-Jessica from Eye Candy Salon

"The new logo you designed for our page looks awesome!"

-Joseph from Qix International

"Very professional."

-Amanda from Silver State Coffee Co.

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  • United States
  • Main: (775) 276-9954
  • (775) 443-7187

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